$38 Micro 100 BB-360600G Boring Tool - Right Hand.360" Min Bore Dia. Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools $38 Micro 100 BB-360600G Boring Tool - Right Hand.360" Min Bore Dia. Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools Micro 100 Easy-to-use BB-360600G Boring Tool - Hand.360" Bore Dia. Right Min Right,Micro,/microtherm463156.html,Boring,Bore,$38,Min,-,Hand.360",100,BB-360600G,dept.digital,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Dia.,Tool Micro 100 Easy-to-use BB-360600G Boring Tool - Hand.360" Bore Dia. Right Min Right,Micro,/microtherm463156.html,Boring,Bore,$38,Min,-,Hand.360",100,BB-360600G,dept.digital,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Dia.,Tool

safety Micro 100 Easy-to-use BB-360600G Boring Tool - Hand.360

Micro 100 BB-360600G Boring Tool - Right Hand.360" Min Bore Dia.


Micro 100 BB-360600G Boring Tool - Right Hand.360" Min Bore Dia.

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Micro 100 Standard ID Boring Tools

Over the past 60 years, Micro 100 has been the industry leader in high-quality Boring Tools, leading to its international popularity and reputation as the industry's best. Since 1960, Micro 100 has used the latest CNC grinding technology to supply machinists with the highest quality carbide milling and turning cutting tools. Our tools are exclusively ground in the USA and are designed to excel in increased speed and feed rates while providing high-quality results in a variety of difficult-to-machine materials. This means that you're accomplishing higher quality, more accurate parts at an accelerated rate.

Micro 100 BB-360600G Boring Tool - Right Hand.360" Min Bore Dia.

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