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Bag Organizer for Hermes Bolide 35 Handma - Insert Challenge the lowest price of Japan Felt specialty shop Premium

Bag Organizer for Hermes Bolide 35 Insert - Premium Felt (Handma


Bag Organizer for Hermes Bolide 35 Insert - Premium Felt (Handma

We understand how frustrating it can be to take good care of your designer handbag. Worry no more, this premium hand-made organizer will help you:

  • Keep your personal belongings better organized. No more digging in your bag for your keys, lipstick, mirror, phone, etc
  • Keep your bag in proper shape
  • Switch bags easily by simply moving the organizer to another
  • Protect your bag from pen/make-up marks, coffee spills, and potential damages to your bag’s interior parts

About Zoomoni

We love designer bags.
That’s why we believe that bags should be well-loved and taken care of.
We pride ourselves on offering the perfect accessories for your bags.

We are passionate believers of quality over quantity. That’s why we take our time to hand-craft all our products ourselves with the sophistication and craftsmanship that will accompany your bags at all times.

Your organizer will be hand-made by our in-house designers with the finest 2mm felt material that is durable, ultra light-weight, and environmentally friendly. (certified with international conformance tests in United States, Europe, and Japan).

Each of our organizers is carefully designed to fit perfectly in your bag and we begin making your organizer once your order is received!

Bag Organizer for Hermes Bolide 35 Insert - Premium Felt (Handma

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