Surface/Carbon,/clinkerer271186.html,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Rectangle,Bricolage,T,Dining,Poppy,Table,Bright,$320,- $320 Poppy Rectangle Dining Table - Bright Bricolage Surface/Carbon T Home Kitchen Furniture Poppy Rectangle Dining Table - Carbon T latest Bright Surface Bricolage Poppy Rectangle Dining Table - Carbon T latest Bright Surface Bricolage $320 Poppy Rectangle Dining Table - Bright Bricolage Surface/Carbon T Home Kitchen Furniture Surface/Carbon,/clinkerer271186.html,,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Rectangle,Bricolage,T,Dining,Poppy,Table,Bright,$320,-

Poppy Rectangle Dining Table - Carbon T Limited time sale latest Bright Surface Bricolage

Poppy Rectangle Dining Table - Bright Bricolage Surface/Carbon T


Poppy Rectangle Dining Table - Bright Bricolage Surface/Carbon T

Product description

Long edges and defined corners, this classic silhouette's got you covered. It's designed to comfortably sit four (one on each side) but can accommodate seating six depending on the width of your chair of choice!

Poppy Rectangle Dining Table - Bright Bricolage Surface/Carbon T

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