Will Your Business Die a Slow Death in 2019? Did you know there are 98 days left this year?

In 2018, having a business & a website is not a guarantee for a successful business. It won’t be in 2019 either.

Far too many businesses seem to just “go with the flow” not understanding that this is not how the big brands grew from small brands and from even smaller ideas.

The most common thing that links to their level of success?

They had a plan or a strategy.

Having a plan in place for 2019 will help you organise what you really need to accomplish, not just fighting fires, or hoping for the next sale.

Here are some key ingredients for building a strategy in 2019 for your business success:

1. Develop your audience. This is about creating ideas and concepts that actually relate to your “perfect” audience. Inform, educate, and delight with what you do and say online.

2. Create your own personal brand. Customers are wanting to connect with people, not just a faceless corporation. Become the expert in your niche and show the world what you are so proud of!

3. Connect your business’ digital “ecosystem”. Connect every element of your digital footprint. Use a digital workflow so that all the pieces are working in harmony.

It’s time.

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Written by: Doyle Buehler

Doyle Buehler, MBA, is a best-selling author, global entrepreneur, international speaker & digital business thought leader, specializing in strategic digital branding, digital business transformation and marketing. He has mentored, coached, trained & inspired many in the areas of startups, digital leadership, digital innovation, disruption, transformation, social media marketing, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

His latest book on digital business transformation, #Breakthrough – Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence & Authority, is available at all online retailers, or from www.breakthrough.digital