What you really need to know about digital velocity for your business

Can you imagine a company that doesn’t have a website… yet?

Surprisingly, in Canada and Australia, approximately 45% of businesses do not (still!) have a website. Now, while every business does not need a (full) website, they do need some form of online ecosystem. Based on what is coming, they probably won’t have to worry much longer, as they will simply be out of business.

Their digital velocity is ZERO.

So, what is digital velocity and why is it important?

Digital velocity can be defined as the rate at which a business moves in the digital space; how it enables innovation and transformation, social selling, social media, what kind of platform it uses; how it uses the strategies, tools, processes and methodologies of online; the integration of its digital ecosystem and everything else that propels a business forward. It allows you to harnesses time, money and resources.

All of these elements need to be combined, together, to build momentum towards your ultimate goal of your business, to get you up to the speed of your audience.

A business with zero digital velocity is not going – anywhere. A high digital velocity will allow you to dramatically improve how you get business done.

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Where does your business stand on the path to digital transformation?

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Written by: Doyle Buehler

Doyle Buehler, MBA, is a best-selling author, global entrepreneur, international speaker & digital business thought leader, specializing in strategic digital branding, digital business transformation and marketing. He has mentored, coached, trained & inspired many in the areas of startups, digital leadership, digital innovation, disruption, transformation, social media marketing, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

His latest book on digital business transformation, #Breakthrough – Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence & Authority, is available at all online retailers, or from www.breakthrough.digital