Personalization is not about your name. It’s much deeper than that.

Is a pen with your name on it considered “personalized”? If not, then why then do some companies feel that if they send an email to you with your name on it, and think that it is personalized for ‘you’?

And, if you think that this is what personalization actually means, then sadly you’re missing the point.

This isn’t personalization – it’s using automation to fill out a form you set up. How is that personalized to your audience?

You can’t ‘tick that box’ for personalization by having the name of your customer in the email. We’ve seen that trick before. It doesn’t make me really feel noticed.

Personalization means how you can make your audience “feel at home”. Personalization doesn’t just mean that you call them by their name, but rather create a digital experience that is relevant to their own personal needs.

Personalization needs to be human. It needs to be reflective on creating a personal experience. It can be hard at times to define this, but this can be done with specific content, channels & accounts that have context to your specific audience persona. This is your strategy, your roadmap. This is how you tell your story FOR your hero.

So, align the channel with the experience with the persona.

Make personalization tell the human story for your audience!

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Written by: Doyle Buehler

Doyle Buehler, MBA, is a best-selling author, global entrepreneur, international speaker & digital business thought leader, specializing in strategic digital branding, digital business transformation and marketing. He has mentored, coached, trained & inspired many in the areas of startups, digital leadership, digital innovation, disruption, transformation, social media marketing, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

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