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Hello Australia! I’m super excited to announce that my latest strategic digital marketing book #Breakthrough – Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence & Authority – is now available at your favourite retail bookseller across Australia, thanks to distribution partner Woodslane Pty Ltd

We are bombarded, on a daily basis, by disjointed pieces of information that only create more confusion around us and our business. We cannot help but feel overwhelmed as we drown in the clutter of the online world. Consequently, we lose focus on what is really important about our business online, and we just don’t know how to move forward from this point on. We have all been there.

Head over to these booksellers to get yourself a copy for your strategy & planning for the new year:

Boffin Books



Plus, many independent booksellers. It is also available online through Booktopia, Amazon Australia, BookDepository and other fine online & retail booksellers

If you can’t find it in store – just ask the bookstore for it by name or by ISBN 9780999647905 – they can bring it into any bookstore.

And, if you’re in Canada – you can get it at most Chapters/Indigo booksellers. If you don’t see it, just ask for it by name.

Go on, get a copy and help yourself by creating some clarity and certainty for the future of you and your business.

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Written by: Doyle Buehler

Doyle Buehler, MBA, is a best-selling author, global entrepreneur, international speaker & digital business thought leader, specializing in strategic digital branding, digital business transformation and marketing. He has mentored, coached, trained & inspired many in the areas of startups, digital leadership, digital innovation, disruption, transformation, social media marketing, online marketing, and entrepreneurship.

His latest book on digital business transformation, #Breakthrough – Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence & Authority, is available at all online retailers, or from