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WGDSF All Max 51% OFF Terrain Electric Lightweight Folding Ranking TOP16 Manual Self Prope

WGDSF All Terrain Electric Lightweight Folding Manual Self Prope


WGDSF All Terrain Electric Lightweight Folding Manual Self Prope

Product description

✔ What You Get: 1* Wheelchair

✔ Product description

Lightweight Wheelchair, Electric Wheelchair Open/Fold in 1 Second Product parameters
Product Name: Electric Wheelchair
Product size: 58 *38* 89 cm
Folding size: 58 *33* 88 cm
Seat width: 45 cm
Front wheel size: 6in
Rear wheel size: 10in
Product load: 100kg/220lb
Motor: brush motor
Motor power: 190w
Battery: lithium battery (5.2Ah)
Features: front and rear dual control / folding portable
Suitable for the crowd: lower limb disability, hemiplegia, paraplegia, fall
Symptoms: unable to stand, assist walking

✔ prompt:
1. The product is measured by hand, there is a certain error, please refer to the actual size
2. This photo was taken under natural light. Please understand that there is a slight chromatic aberration between the device and the display.
3. The above parameters depend on the user's weight, depending on the road conditions and battery usage.

WGDSF All Terrain Electric Lightweight Folding Manual Self Prope

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