Men,,for,Hol,Low,Rise,XYACM,Chastity,$24,Devices,Men,Health Household , Sexual Wellness,Briefs,Silk,Cage,/moorpan751358.html $24 XYACM Chastity Cage for Men Devices Men Silk Briefs Low Rise Hol Health Household Sexual Wellness XYACM Chastity Cage Oakland Mall for Men Devices Low Briefs Hol Rise Silk XYACM Chastity Cage Oakland Mall for Men Devices Low Briefs Hol Rise Silk $24 XYACM Chastity Cage for Men Devices Men Silk Briefs Low Rise Hol Health Household Sexual Wellness Men,,for,Hol,Low,Rise,XYACM,Chastity,$24,Devices,Men,Health Household , Sexual Wellness,Briefs,Silk,Cage,/moorpan751358.html

XYACM Chastity Cage Oakland Ranking TOP15 Mall for Men Devices Low Briefs Hol Rise Silk

XYACM Chastity Cage for Men Devices Men Silk Briefs Low Rise Hol


XYACM Chastity Cage for Men Devices Men Silk Briefs Low Rise Hol

Product description


Suitable for beginners and enthusiasts. High quality,breathable,safe,comfortable,healthy,non-toxic products.
Material: stainless steel, smooth, safe and non-toxic, let the private parts enjoy a passionate experience.
SEXUAL PLEASURE - Whether you have a bondage experience, handing over control to your partner, which can increase the stimulation of sexual life.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The design allows your penis to breathe freely even in bondage.
The inner diameter of the snap ring is available in three sizes: approx. 40mm/45mm/50mm, which can be chosen to suit your size.
About color: The goods are taken in kind, the color is professionally proofread, and the physical tile is very close, because the color contrast and color temperature of the computer monitor are different.
Indulge in your wildest fantasies.Buy yourself a gift for opening up a whole new world!

XYACM Chastity Cage for Men Devices Men Silk Briefs Low Rise Hol

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