$24 Cressi Swim Planet Mask Soft Silicone Swimming Goggles Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $24 Cressi Swim Planet Mask Soft Silicone Swimming Goggles Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Silicone,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Planet,Cressi,Mask,Swimming,$24,dept.digital,Swim,Goggles,Soft,/ingress183223.html Cressi Swim Planet Mask Silicone Goggles Shipping included Swimming Soft Silicone,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Planet,Cressi,Mask,Swimming,$24,dept.digital,Swim,Goggles,Soft,/ingress183223.html Cressi Swim Planet Mask Silicone Goggles Shipping included Swimming Soft

Cressi Swim Planet Mask Silicone Goggles latest Shipping included Swimming Soft

Cressi Swim Planet Mask Soft Silicone Swimming Goggles


Cressi Swim Planet Mask Soft Silicone Swimming Goggles

Product description

Goggles with facial soft silicone which ensures perfect adaptability to a wide range of facial profiles. Ideal for swimming, swimming, triathlon and water sports for all. Good face seal and great comfort, shatterproof lenses with UV protection and scratch-resistant external treatment internal anti-fog treatment and extra strong. Interchangeable strap instantly with patented buckles with micrometric adjustment and immediate, similar to those of the Cressi-sub diving masks. Wide range of colors. Special packaging to preserve its characteristics over time. A Bright, open field of view with a sleek and stylish design.

Cressi Swim Planet Mask Soft Silicone Swimming Goggles

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