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ROM Artificial Trees Pot Plants 25.6 Inch Artificial Tree,Arti


ROM Artificial Trees Pot Plants 25.6 Inch Artificial Tree,Arti

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*Due to manual measurement, there may be some errors, please allow 1-3cm difference, thank you.
*Because the spotlight and different people have different understandings of color, there may be a certain color, but within a reasonable range, please choose carefully.
*If you need other styles, please contact me, our store has a variety of styles and colors, you can view my store.
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ROM Artificial Trees Pot Plants 25.6 Inch Artificial Tree,Arti

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    Thank you for visiting The Neutralizer, home of the #1 in odour elimination systems made for use in your Home, Car, Hotel and Growing environments.
    The Neutralizer is a revolutionary product that provides a simple solution to problematic and pungent odors.
    The extensive research derived from a simple relationship found in nature allows The Neutralizer to target specific odor molecules and contain them in order to completely eliminate their scent.
  • Key Features:

    • Multi-Award Winning Product

    • Hypoallergenic

    • Quick Installation

    • Does not absorb into the surrounding environment

    • Natural essential oils

    • Compact size