Toca 2300TB Synergy Series Conga Set Transparent - 67% OFF of fixed price Bl with Stand $335 Toca 2300TB Synergy Series Conga Set with Stand - Transparent Bl Musical Instruments Drums Percussion with,Toca,Stand,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,-,Synergy,2300TB,Conga,Transparent,Bl,$335,,Set,Series,/breastmark674211.html Toca 2300TB Synergy Series Conga Set Transparent - 67% OFF of fixed price Bl with Stand $335 Toca 2300TB Synergy Series Conga Set with Stand - Transparent Bl Musical Instruments Drums Percussion with,Toca,Stand,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,-,Synergy,2300TB,Conga,Transparent,Bl,$335,,Set,Series,/breastmark674211.html

Toca 2300TB Indefinitely Synergy Series Conga Set Transparent - 67% OFF of fixed price Bl with Stand

Toca 2300TB Synergy Series Conga Set with Stand - Transparent Bl


Toca 2300TB Synergy Series Conga Set with Stand - Transparent Bl

Product description

Color:Transparent Black

Toca is committed to being green and environmentally-friendly. The wood used is harvested from a plantation in Thailand, where Toca's drums are then lathed and handcrafted by local musicians. This carefully managed resource is much easier on the environment than wood taken from primary forests.

Toca 2300TB Synergy Series Conga Set with Stand - Transparent Bl

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